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Somerset Interior Designers
Somerset Interior Designers

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The specialists at Innovation Kitchen and Bathroom Design LLC provide clients with customized interior designs. Begin the exciting process of new interior design with a look through your favorite colors, styles, and textures.

Our experienced interior decoration specialists have unmatched sourcing abilities and expert recommendations. We leave no details overlooked in the pursuit of the perfect interior design scheme for your home and personality.

To schedule a color consultation, or to request a free quote for our interior design services, contact us today! You may even emerge from our consultation filled with inspiration and ideas you may not have thought of before.


Personalized Interior Designs Tailored to Your Imagination and Creativity

What could be more fun than a color consultation with an interior designer? A color consultant and interior designer can help you with anything from paint selection to furniture, fabric, and material choosing. Regardless of your tastes or aesthetic ideals, we will customize our approach to you!

Our team here at Innovation Kitchen and Bathroom Design LLC is up-to-date in the latest design and decorating trends, as well as familiar with the tried-and-true traditional styles. We recognize that no two homes and homeowners are alike, and we make every effort to gain a sense of your personality and outlook in order to serve you best.

We will help you to find a cohesive flow to your design scheme, with appropriate blends of contrast and matching. Whether you want soft, elegant pastels or something vibrant that really pops, we are the company to call.

Assistance with Color Selection, Color Scheme, and General Interior Decoration

Our services for you begin with a detailed, in-home consultation. You’ll be shown through an extensive array of swatches, samples, and photographs to gain a sense of the space you envision.

Once we establish your favorite colors and color combinations, we proceed with exploring your options together. Our color selection services can assist you in choosing every aspect of your interior.

Furniture, lighting, and paint are just some examples of what we can help you find. The result will be an interior design scheme that not only makes sense from a design standpoint but one that is perfectly reflective of who you are!

To learn more about our color consultation services, reach out to one of our representatives today.

Experienced Interior Designers

Our interior design professionals have been providing outstanding services to homeowners for a number of years. We serve a wide geographical area, which includes many of the surrounding local cities. Our consultations leave no detail forgotten, and our abilities to source a variety of items are unparalleled.

You’ll appreciate our friendly and helpful approach to customer service, as well!

Bring Your Dreams to Life with an Interior Design Consultation

If the time has come to choose a new interior design scheme, or update an existing design, begin with a consultation with Innovation Kitchen and Bathroom Design LLC.

We have the skills, resources, and design passion for serving you!

To learn more, reach out to us today.